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CM Ranch is Hiring!

There is nothing like working at the historical CM Ranch for a season… or in most cases, MANY seasons! To work at the CM is to be part of a 95 yearlong legacy committed to making our guests feel like part of the family. The crew at the CM consists of 30-35 hard-working and adventure-seeking individuals from all over the United States, here to help us out while fully engaging in all aspects of ranch life. The ideal candidate harbors a fierce love for the outdoors and genuinely enjoys people. We hire a fantastic crew that often returns to work with us for multiple seasons. Living and working together 24/7 isn’t always easy. It requires respect for co-workers and an easy-going, considerate attitude. We work extremely hard, go above and beyond for our guests and for each other as a team… and through it all, have an absolute blast, make great connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

Our season runs from mid-May through mid-September.  Applicants must be available during this time.



Wrangler/Kid’s Wrangler:      *Wrangler/Kid’s Wrangler positions have been filled for 2024*

A wrangler’s primary job is to guide our guests safely down the trail while allowing them to enjoy the beautiful country on horseback. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to feeding and care of our herd of 100+ horses, maintaining tack and equipment, teaching guests, riding and working with young/project horses, taking pack trips, stacking hay, preparing for the next pack trip, cleaning and organizing the saddle barn, doctoring horses, and early-morning gathering. The work of the wranglers is mentally and physically demanding. Wranglers must have an EXTREMELY superb work ethic. You can expect to work long, hard hours. The ideal candidate has excellent people skills, is responsible, mature, courteous, and professional. Wranglers must show initiative to complete tasks without constant direction from the supervisors. Wranglers need to be able to remain calm and clear-headed in high-energy environments. Wranglers must have substantial horse experience and have a strong desire to broaden our guests’ horsemanship skills and knowledge. Our horse program is built around empathy for the horse. We do our very best to meet the horse where he is, and set that horse up for success. Truck and trailer/horse-hauling experience is preferred, but not required. We don’t expect you to know everything when you arrive, but you must have a teachable attitude. We are a team and pulling your own weight is an absolute MUST. If you have little to no horse experience, please do not apply. [Kid’s Wrangler: Kid’s Wranglers and Wranglers are one-and-the-same! Kid’s wranglers are everything described in the “regular” wrangler category, but more! The primary responsibility of the kids wrangler is to foster a fun and safe environment in which young riders feel empowered. The kid wranglers must be patient, willing to coach, and always have a positive attitude. They will be able to provide education from the viewpoint of the horse, and help kids resolve and work through any horse issues that materialize both on a horse, or on the ground. Kid’s wranglers work closely with the Kid’s Coordinators to plan out weekly activities for our kid’s program. Previous experience with kids is preferred. Kid’s Wranglers are very much a part of the Wrangler Crew, and everything listed above also applies to the Kid’s Wranglers. As a wrangler, there will be times that you will take the kid’s ride out even though you might not be the “designated” kid’s wrangler.]


Assistant Office Manager/Guest Relations:      *Assistant Office Manager/Guest Relations position has been filled for 2024*

The assistant office manager is responsible for answering and returning calls/emails, daily town run, guest check-out, and restocking retail. The office assistant handles all pre-visit correspondence with guests, massage sign-ups, guest surveys, waivers, and the check-in process for pack-trips. The assistant office manager is also responsible for keeping the retail room and the hat/boot room neat and tidy. The assistant office manager often drives guests to town functions, such as the rodeo. Candidates must be detail oriented, extremely organized, and have excellent customer service skills and strong interpersonal skills. Basic computer and software skills including Microsoft Word and Excel are required. The ability to quickly learn new software programs, such as the reservation system we use, is also a must. Marketing/Social Media experience is a plus.


Maintenance/Groundskeeper:      *Maintenance/Groundskeeper positions have been filled for 2024*

Maintenance workers are responsible for the upkeep of all property owned by the ranch. Lawn care/maintenance experience is preferred. These guys mow, weed-eat, irrigate, paint, chop wood, and perform light electrical and plumbing repairs. In addition, the maintenance crew is responsible for hauling garbage, and keeping cabins stocked with firewood and ice. Our maintenance crew is the first point of contact for our guests at airport pick-ups. Our team must put on their Sunday best and be prepared to welcome guests to the ranch, including a tour of the grounds. Needless to say… a jack of all trades!


Kitchen Waitstaff:

Seeking dynamic and flexible team players for the kitchen waitstaff.  Responsibilities include opening and closing the kitchen, food prep, dish washing, maintaining a clean environment, and most importantly, serving three meals a day to our guests and crew. As the Front of the House, the waitstaff develop relationships with guests, and maintain a positive and hospitality-oriented attitude at all times. The waitstaff must be strong communicators, be physically fit and quick on their feet, and be task and detail oriented. Previous serving experience is highly recommended.


Head Chef: 

The ideal candidate for Head Chef is a well-groomed, outgoing, and flexible team player that excels in managing all aspects of the kitchen, including managing the rest of the kitchen crew. Must be able to cook upscale American cuisine in large quantities (our capacity is around 50 guests plus 30 employees). ServSafe License is required. Our chef will work closely with the ranch managers on managing the food budget, weekly menu, and ordering/inventory. Being able to accommodate special dietary needs (gluten free and vegetarians) is a must. Our head chef will manage the overall cleanliness of front of the house, back of the house, walk –in cooler, and dry storage. The head chef must have excellent communication, leadership, and organizational skills. The ideal candidate should enjoy working in the hospitality/tourism business, and be a people-person in general. It will be helpful to have someone who has a deep appreciation of the outdoors, can start a fire, and can cook over an open fire with a Dutch oven.


Sous Chef: 

Seeking a fun-loving, seasoned, and creative sous chef who is able to work both independently and as an assistant to the head chef. The applicant must be flexible, a team player, and have previous cooking experience. Must be able to prepare breakfast for 50 guests and 30 crew members. Experience cooking with a Dutch over an open fire is a plus, and a hospitality-oriented attitude is a must.



The baker’s responsibilities include preparing fresh breads, muffins, pastries, pies, cakes, and cookies daily, in addition to assisting chefs on the line when needed. Creative and conscientious, our baker will prepare custom desserts for guests as needed, with great care to accommodate guests’ various dietary restrictions. Must be a team player, and able to jump in and help chef and sous chef when needed.


Kids Coordinator:      *Kids Coordinator positions have been filled for 2024*

This position requires experience working with children, high energy, self-discipline, and the desire to work long days in a ranch environment. One must be flexible, able to organize children’s activities, scavenger hunts, and host the Thursday night kid’s cookout. Would also be responsible for babysitting small children for guests (when needed).



Housekeeping, probably the most flexible, fun job on the ranch! This crew starts the day early, works hard to cleans hard and fast, then has the day to either help in other areas as needed, or has free time to relax. The world is your oyster! Housekeeping duties include: daily maid service for the guests; cleaning the common areas, restrooms, lodge, and laundry; dishwashing one day per week, and managing ranch recycling. All CM housekeepers are expected to pitch in the other departments as needed. Ideal candidates are team oriented, physically fit, efficient, and pay close attention to detail.


Photographer:      *Photographer position has been filled for 2024*

Our photographer has one of the most fun positions on the ranch.  If you like to take photos of people, horses, fishing, and landscapes then this could be the right job for you.  The primary focus of the photographer should be to capture special moments with families and forever friends during their vacation. Once a week the photographer hosts a slide show presentation of the photos taken that week. Candidate must be passionate about photography, have the technical know – how that enables you to produce high quality work, have D-SLR camera, and be familiar with photo software to be used to share photos. The photographer must be extremely adaptable and flexible to work morning and/or evenings depending on the daily activity. Office skills and good experience riding horses are a huge bonus. Typically, the photographer is considered an independent contractor. They make their income from the photos they sell.


All CM Ranch employees in all departments will be expected to fill in anywhere and everywhere, as necessary.


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