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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Our goal at the CM Ranch is to enable all of our guests to have an enjoyable stay, including safe and pleasant memories on horseback. It is not necessary to know how to ride before coming to the ranch. It takes but a short time to learn the basics, and excellent instruction is provided to further your horsemanship skills each visit to the ranch. If you’re a first-timer, or it’s been a while, a session in the arena is necessary to set you up for a confident week on horseback. Each person is furnished with a horse matched to his or her ability, and a comfortable western saddle. The CM has an exceptionally fine string of horses, suitable for the beginner or the expert rider. They are well adapted to mountain terrain. We are passionate about respectful and harmonious horsemanship, and the wranglers are dedicated to the safety of each guest. We accomplish this through educating ourselves, and you.

Riding is available twice a day Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Join us on Wednesday for the breakfast ride, and Thursday for the all-day ride. You will enjoy riding in the company of experienced wranglers who are devoted to the safety of our guests and horses, and are happy to share their knowledge of the history and geography of the area. The head wrangler does a very good job of grouping riders together based on ability. If riders of different abilities want to ride together, the ride will progress at the level of the lowest riding ability. We adapt the pace of rides appropriately to the terrain while keeping the safety of our horses and riders our first priority. Weather plays a role in when, where, and at what pace we can ride. Qualified riders may trot and lope with their wrangler in appropriate areas. Please be advised, if you are looking for loping/cantering rides that go on for hours, the CM Ranch is most likely not a good fit for you.  During your stay you may want to participate in the weekly gymkhana, or join other guests for an early morning breakfast ride.

A variety of day rides with picnic lunches is part of the weekly program. You can climb to different high elevations, enjoy dramatic views and fields of alpine flowers, and have a chance to see several species of big game animals. Whiskey Mountain, adjacent to the ranch, is home to the largest herd of Big Horn sheep on the North American continent. You might take a fishing expedition on horseback up the valley, or cross the Wind River, and spend a fascinating day exploring the colorful sandstone mesas and canyons of the Badlands.

Please be advised that a certain degree of physical fitness is required to safely ride a horse. Riders need to have enough core strength to maintain a centered and balanced position while riding. Please understand that some rides are challenging, and riders must trust our expertise in determining suitable and safe rides for our guests. It is also important to keep in mind that age can limit our riding abilities as we get older. Much consideration is required to manage expectations, and acknowledge limitations. For the safety of our guests and our horses, there is a weight limit of 250 pounds. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

Sunday - Check in between 4PM and 6PM.

Welcome to the CM Ranch! Check-in between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. You will be welcomed by members of our crew and your hosts will greet you at dinnertime 6:30pm. Introductions and orientation will be made during dinner. All dinners are BYOB.

Monday - Morning and afternoon rides. Cocktail party at 5:30PM.

Breakfast served from 7:30 - 8:30am all week. Horse safety orientation begins at 9AM. Get acquainted with your horse on the morning and afternoon rides. Join us for the CM crew hosted Cocktail party on dining room deck at 5:30pm. Gather in Riverside for the History of the ranch.

Tuesday - Morning and afternoon rides. Square dance lessons at 5:30PM. Dubois town square dance at 8PM.

Yummy breakfast and off to the barn for morning and afternoon rides at 9:00am and 2:00pm. Meet us for a square dance lessons in Roundup at 5:30pm. After dinner head into Dubois for square dancing at the Rustic Pine at 8:00 PM.

Wednesday - Early morning breakfast ride. Live entertainment at 7:30PM.

Early morning breakfast rides at 7:00 and 8:00am. Fill up on pancakes, monkey bread, bacon, and eggs from the dutch oven. Family photos will be taken at breakfast site by our photographer. Enjoy the afternoon by touring petroglyphs, getting a massage, or shopping in town. After dinner, enjoy live entertainment at 7:30pm.

Thursday - All day ride. Camp fire and s'mores after dinner.

All day rides head to Whiskey Mountain, Badlands, Bear Basin, and other locations. Slide show of the week following dinner in Roundup at 7:30pm. After the slide show, we will gather around the fire for s'mores (across from Roundup).

Friday - Morning and afternoon rides. Dubois town rodeo at 7:30PM.

Head out for morning and afternoon rides, go for a hike, or sign up for a massage by Reenie Roe. Experience the rodeo in Dubois starting at 7:30pm. Guest participation is bull riding please!

Saturday- Morning ride or team penning. Afternoon ride or kid's rodeo. Cookout at 5:30PM.

Morning rides or Team penning for adults and children's rodeo in arena at 2pm. Evening cookout looking over the Badlands. Cocktails (BYOB) 5:30pm and dinner 6:30pm. Transportation provided by the CM fire department and wagon.

Sunday - Check out by 10:00AM.

Last amazing breakfast before checkout by 10:00AM. Don't forget to reserve your cabin for next year!

Along with private cabins the ranch boasts several amenities to make our guests' stay as comfortable as possible.

  • 20’ x 40’ outdoor heated pool
  • Hot tub
  • Large recreation room with ping-pong tables
  • Basketball hoop
  • Volleyball court
  • Large common area suitable for soccer, softball, frisbee and other lawn games
  • Library
  • Two sitting rooms with fireplaces
  • Wireless internet in main office with two small private rooms available
  • Hat and boot room with most sizes of boots available
  • Playroom for younger children


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