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About the Ranch

About the Ranch

Our expansive ranch lands are contiguous with the Shoshone National Forest and Fitzpatrick Wilderness, allowing for seemingly endless private riding and fishing in country of stunning, unspoiled nature. The CM is made up of 3,379 deeded acres, plus another 9,385 acres leased.  That gives us a total of almost 13,000 acres, which makes for plenty of elbow room!   Hike to glacial lakes and top mountain vistas. Prepare yourself for the picturesque views that can soften even the most ironclad of hearts.

We are a friendly, casual establishment with various generations and age ranges attending. The ranch is run much like it was back in 1927 – passionate management hosting an array of lovely guests that have set out to partake in simple pleasures and commune with the wilderness. Our guest capacity tops out at only fifty, an ideal size for generating good humor and personable interactions among guests and crew…just the way we like it.

Our love for the outdoors and quality time with friends and family is, without a doubt, infectious. The beautiful environment, activities, and infrastructure we provide allow all of our out-of-towners to build fond, long-lasting memories. We encourage you to explore the website and read up further on the CM. It is truly an unforgettable homeland in which we take great pride.

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