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The Area

The Geography

The unique location of the CM treats viewers to geologic exposures in the glacial valley which result in an extraordinary display. Every strata of every period through all the epochs is represented to tell a visual story of the three billion years of the earth’s development.

Easy access to leaf, shell and dinosaur fossils, and the fascination of layer-cake stratigraphy appeal to the casual geologist as well as the most dedicated.

An altitude of 7000 feet provides the CM with a climate ideally suited to summer vacations, and eliminates poisonous snakes and plants. The canyon is below the mountain storms that follow the Continental Divide, so sunshine predominates, rainfall is light, and the humidity is low. Daytime temperatures are comfortably warm, and nights are cool enough to make wool blankets and sweaters feel welcome.

Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois, Wyoming is a quaint western town 6 miles from the ranch. Summer in Dubois is exciting and there are many activities designed with dudes in mind, including a weekly rodeo and square dance.

There are two excellent museums and a number of lovely shops. Please mention that you are staying at the CM Ranch when you stop by these local establishments.

East of the River

West of the River


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