Written by: Mollie Sullivan Date: March 4th, 2015


EllaSweet mama Ella joined us at the CM 2 years ago.  Judy McMullin, whom some of you fondly know as Jewelry Judy, traded a one ounce gold coin for Ella from the T-Cross Ranch.  Ella was bottle fed at the T-Cross and developed a bond with the ranch manager’s children.  Since the family does not winter at the ranch, and Ella could not be moved to Utah, Judy stepped in and took Ella.  She immediately starting working on Hunter.  Every Saturday that Judy set up her jewelry display at the CM, she would corner Hunter….”Hunter, I have this really sweet cow that would LOVE to be at the CM.”

“Hunter, Ella the cow would make a really good fit for the CM…the children would love her!”  Finally, Hunter broke down and accepted the gift of Ella the cow.  Since Ella preferred to be around humans over anything else, she was in quite the shock at the end of the season when she was moved out to pasture with our other cows.  What!?  You’re telling me I’m a cow!?  She wanted nothing to do with any of them!  Everyday for about 2 weeks we had to run Ella back to the herd because she would make her way back the gate and bawl.  I would have kept her up at the house if Hunter had let me!  Eventually, she got the hang of things and decided that the other cows weren’t so bad.  She spent the whole summer on top of Whiskey Mountain with our bull.

This is her first little calf and it’s a beautiful little girl!  We get to keep her too!  Soon we plan to bring them both back to the corral so that the calf will get used to people and hopefully be a sweet as Ella.  Judy requested that if Ella were to have a calf that it’s name would be, 1,000 Head.  So….1,000 Head and Ella look forward to seeing you this summer!

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