Written by: Mollie Sullivan Date: February 13th, 2015

Ranch Horse Romance

IMG_5334In honor of Valentine’s day I would like to share a special story about a ranch horse named J.J. and his wrangler, Jessica.  If you have ever visited a dude ranch, you are probably aware of the typical romances that bud within the crew.  I am proud to say that my husband, Hunter and I met on a dude ranch. It really is the best place to get to know someone!

This romance that I would like to talk about is between wrangler and horse.  Each summer wranglers are assigned horses for their string.  JJ is a handsome buckskin that is a total ladies man.  I say this because every year he is assigned to a female wrangler and they fall in love. J.J. likes to start out by playing hard to get.  He runs around the corral when you try to catch him and gets pretty snorty if you try to walk up to pet him when he’s tied to the hitching rail.   Now, Jessica just so happens to be a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes and an excellent rider…When these two met, J.J. as usual, played hard to get, rolled his eyes, and seemed very uninterested in jumping into a new relationship.  Jessica, in her sweet charming and persistent way, won his heart after only a few weeks.  Every morning that Jessica would walk into the corral, J.J. would nicker for her and seem heartbroken if she wasn’t riding him that day.  It was very hard for the two to part at the end of the summer.  Long distance relationships are always tough.  Thankfully, Jessica will be returning as a wrangler this summer,  and I feel sure that these two will pick up just where they left off, and this will be J.J.’s longest relationship.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you horse lovers out there!


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