Written by: Mollie Sullivan Date: November 7th, 2016

Dubois Rebuilds!

New buildings are underway on Dubois Main Street.  A devastating fire burned 8 businesses (over half of the block) in December, 2013.  Firefighters fought the blazes in temperatures around -25 degrees below zero.  The fire left a gaping whole in the middle of town for 2 years.

Construction workers have been working like crazy since mid September, 2016.  “These building are going to look like they were made in Dubois over a period of time. They’ll be new, so they’ll have a little bit of a sparkle, but you will not think you are in any other place other than a western town.” – Jeff Sussman, Property Owner.  It is still unknown what business will got into the new buildings.  They are expected to be finished building in early December.

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