Written by: Mollie Sullivan Date: March 27th, 2014

Simply The Best!

DSC_0144For the past two months we have worked so hard at putting together the best crew possible to help run the CM Ranch. Each year we hire around 26 crew members consisting of wranglers, kitchen, maintenance, and housekeepers that play an extremely important role in making our summers run smoothly. You can meet them all at our Monday evening crew hosted cocktail parties. They come from all over the globe, and are here for the soul purpose of taking care of our guest. Some of our crew grew up coming here as guests, or were recommended by former crew. Some simply stumbled upon our website. However they got here, we are extremely pleased to have them. In our next CM newsletter, I will include a list of all the returners and “top 10” questions for one of our returning wranglers. If you would like to receive our newsletter, please email me: [email protected].

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