Written by: Mollie Sullivan Date: April 22nd, 2013

Spring Fishing with KMock

Hi Folks,

KMock here, looking forward to a stellar spring/summer/fall of fly fishing at the CM! Ample snow in the high mountains means plenty of cold water slowly making it’s way down to the Wind river via all of her tributaries; guess what? Trout love cold water! As I patiently await my return to God’s country from the muggy South, I can’t help but feel like a child eagerly awaiting Christmas! My mind is awhirl with thoughts of all the unexplored places in the Wind river range—so much water, so little time…. A large part of the fun of fly fishing, to me, is hunting down the fish. Trout are like salmon in that each species (we have 4 in our area) migrates either in Spring or late Fall to the place that they were born. Sometimes it might be a small trickle of a seasonal drainage, or most times, it is the headwaters of a particular tributary, where the water is full of rich oxygen, cold, and the creek bottom is full of pea sized gravel where eggs can be lain–those who have fished at Brooks’ Creek with me have seen it in action. All of it corresponds to the moon and the solstices; it’s pretty neat! So my early season is spent Lewis and Clarkin’ it through bear country, with Holly as my bear dog, figuring out where fish are abundant. It’s a dirty job, I know, but somebody’s got to do it! This year I am planning to explore Bear Basin (yikes) and the more remote regions of the Wiggin’s Fork below Double Cabin. So, rest assured out there folks, because KMock is always fishing!

Taking one for the Team,

KMock & Holly

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