Written by: Mollie Sullivan Date: February 11th, 2014

Winter Cattle Drive

Like most ranches out west that have cattle, it’s time to start calving. Our bull, Custer was put in with the cows around May 1, and it’s about a 10 month gestation period. They spend the whole summer grazing on Whiskey Mountain before the snow falls and then come running back to the ranch…smart cows. It gets pretty darn chilly up there! We were fortunate to have a break in the negative degree temperatures to move the mamas back over from Torrey Meadows to the CM before they started to have their calves. You can tell by the photo, that it was a gorgeous, but cold day…I prefer to do my cattle driving above 20 degrees! We will be branding in May, and in July, back up to Whiskey they will go.

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